Get to Know Your Hosts

Brandy Labonte

Owner and GM, Owner and RMT at KRMT Wellness Studio, Wife, Mom and DIY Crafter.
Brandy is a lover of Nature and has a passion for hosting and Customer Satisfaction.

Paul Labonte

Owner and Operations Manager, Master Electrician at GHC. Paul is Handy Man extraordinaire and will be seen on the grounds building, fixing and chatting with everyone!

Emile Labonte

Maintenance. Emile is super outgoing, quick witted and full of energy. Good luck keeping his focus for long.

Andre Labonte

Maintenance. Andre is cute, and spunky, but incredibly shy. He loves to fish, so you'll see him mostly on the docks.

Ghislaine "Jessie" Labonte

Day to Day operations. Ghislaine is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is outgoing and loves being outdoors.